Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life in the midst of death

Through all the horror stories of the past couple of days, a few joyous moments shine through to help us keep pressing on. The night of the earthquake, a woman gave birth to a tiny baby boy right in front of the Christianville gate. His cries during that horrendous night helped us remember that life goes on. The next day, two other babies were born at Christianville. One was delivered by Amy and Evelyn, the other was delivered by Jenn. All three of those ladies had been longing to deliver a baby, and they finally got their wish! The babies are healthy and have no idea of the chaos surrounding them.

Another joyous thing we are seeing in the midst of this tragedy is an increased response to the gospel. At church on Sunday, there were at least 7 visitors who made decisions for Christ. At clinic on Monday, another woman was saved. Pastors in our community are going around to the various "tent cities" and preaching the gospel. They are reporting many people coming to know the Lord just this past week. Please pray that these new believers will take their faith seriously, be discipled, and become strong Christians. Pray that God can use this earthquake to shake Haiti away from voodoo and towards the living and all-powerful God of creation.


Michael said...

Teresa, Amen, Jenessa and I continue to pray that God is shaking and turning Haiti from vodoo and false gods. That many would turn and live and put their living trust in Jesus Christ.
Have you heard from pastor Johnny?
We continue to pray fervently for you and the rest of those working there and to raise funds. Is there anything we could be specifically targeting to bring or raise money to bring? anyting to try to bring in the next month or so.

Kim said...

T-Toto is ok. Ro told us. Ro is back in Haiti in PAP.

Dustin, the Youth Guy said...

My wife Tricia and I remember fondly out time in Seguin with Raincatchers in 2007...
We have been anxiously awaiting news of those we know in Haiti. We were very glad to hear you , your family, and all of Christianville survived.

Through the situations of the last weeks, and speaking with the team from Lake Eustis CC who was down there with you at the time, we have become even more determined to return to Haiti, hopefully on a permanent basis. One thing I'd like advice on is this: What medical training (CNA, EMT, Paramedic, etc.) would you consider to be "proper" preparation for full-time medical work there?

MirzSpace said...

Teresa, so glad you and all these others you listed are all right. Praise God.