Monday, April 15, 2013

Samuel George Price

He arrived!  Samuel George Price was born at 2:11pm on Monday, April 1st after 12 hours of pitocin and 6 minutes of pushing.  He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was about 20 inches long (the nurses had to guestimate because he was wriggling so much).  He has been hungry and growing ever since.  He likes to eat every 1.5 hours, which is good for him, but difficult for mommy, especially at night!  He really likes to take in his surroundings between 2 and 6am.  His brother and sister think he's "so cute", but otherwise ignore him.  They are busy playing with their extended family and going to preschool two days a week.

We are planning to return to Haiti as soon as his passport comes, but apparently that might take longer than we've experienced in the past.  We're still waiting on his social security card.  Please pray that paperwork comes quickly.  We love being with family, but we are needed back in Haiti in May.

Thank you all for your prayers for a smooth and healthy delivery and for a healthy baby.  God is good!  It's amazing what He can accomplish in nine months!