Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Godmother, Part 2: The Graduation

Well, Makenson Luc did it!  He graduated!  And fellow missionary Marie, Samuel, and I got to attend and experience his graduation in all its glory.  We arrived at 9:30am and the ceremony ended at 3:30pm, so it was truly an all-day cultural experience.  The ceremony included the following highlights:
-singing of the national anthem
-singing of the Pocahantas theme song
-introduction and standing ovation for Jean Claude Duvalier ("Baby Doc"), Haiti's ex-president/dictator
-singing of the Lion King theme song
-a sexy dance
-a speech in French from Baby Doc Duvalier, which included a list of all the possible professions these young students might enjoy in the future ('deposed dictator' didn't make the list)
-another sexy dance
-the mash up of a sexy song and Ave Maria
-giving out of diplomas
-a fashion show of outfits from 'around the world', including beach attire (Jamaica?), country attire (Seguin?), city attire (New York?), and a turban and metal arm bands (???).  This particular part of the program was the most popular, winning hoots and hollers from the crowd (and looks of confusion from the Americans in the audience).
-more giving out of diplomas
-reciting a poem about being a student.  The most interesting line of this poem was "the rich in Haiti eat three times a day, the poor in Haiti eat three times a year"
-more giving out of diplomas
-the passing of the 'torch' from the senior to the junior class

The ceremony did not, however, involve the godparents giving any speeches or formally presenting any gifts to the graduates, which was a huge relief to me.  I enjoyed giving my gift and words of encouragement privately.

The graduation may have been long and confusing to me, but it didn't lessen the fact that Makenson finished high school, amidst all the obstacles he faced.  I'm proud of him and I pray God guides him in the next stage of his life and education, which often can be more arduous than high school here in Haiti.  Develop your future, Makenson.  I hope it's a bright one!