Monday, January 18, 2010

As far as we know

For those of you who are wondering about friends you have made here in Haiti, here is a list of people we know who survived, did not survive, and those whose status is still not known:

Seguin boys in the Jacmel boys home
Danny and Leann (and all the Jacmel missionaries)
Greg and Cathie (and all the CSI missionaries)
Sue Witt and her orphans
All the employees of the eye clinic and their immediate families
All the employees of the dental clinic
All of the clinic employees
All the orphans at Val's orphanage
Most Christianville employees including pastors (see exceptions below)
Pastor Roro, Pastor Gerard, Toto (?)
Margarethe's family
Christnet's family
Pastor Johnny
Roger, from Seguin (who personally came to visit me here in christianville this week and told me all in seguin were doing pretty well)

Passed away:

I will try to update the list and we get more information. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Lauren said...

Thank you so much for posting this list.

Pye's In Haiti said...

I saw Bubba, he's fine. I believe he went to Seguin with the boy's. Pretty sure that Sony was there too with them.

Sara's Stories said...

T, Sony is alive and well. Bob Kessee spoke with him on the phone today. He is good.

G in Haiti said...

T...trying to get tents and other supplies to youCan someone get to Port when we find a flight? would Jacmel be better? should we hire a chopper from the DR...what would work for you guys...please email me so we can make it happen!

Terri Harding call me!