Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where Thieves Break in and Steal

History seems to be repeating itself around here.  It's time for the Habitat for Humanity group of 600 American short term mission workers to invade the Christianville property and work on some houses in the Leogane area.  They visited last year around this time, as well.  Before they come, a group of dedicated Haitians and Irish and American workers prepared the way by leveling the ground where the soccer field used to be, putting up fences and tarps (to keep the visitors in, or the local residents out?), setting up mess halls and tents, and erecting latrines and showers on the old eye clinic property.  They also put up big bright lights that shine into the soccer field and into the street all night.  You would think these lights would deter theft, but last year around this time massive amounts of furniture and other valuables were stolen from our friends, despite the lights and added security.  And this year, just a few weeks ago, thieves broke into Ryan's eye clinic, the dental clinic, and the Christianville church.  They stole medicines and equipment, and they even took brother Fanfan's accordion.  What the men's choir is going to do without their famous accordion was a topic of discussion in church this morning.  The pastor also gave a warning, saying he is certain it must be someone local and that the thefts will not be tolerated.  Not sure if anything will come of it, but the thefts were a bummer, that's for sure.  This makes the fifth time in five years that my husband's clinic has been robbed.  For a man who was currently working with less equipment and space than he started with in Haiti (due to the quake), the robberies just make things all that much worse.  But Ryan has been a real trooper about it.  He just keeps trudging along, replacing what can be replaced, dealing without what can't be.  I am proud of him and his determination to help the poor and sight-deprived here in Haiti, despite all the set backs.

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